Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take for you to set up for an event?

Two hours before your event, we load up everything we will need to make your event great!  Cornhole, ladder, electronics, banners, merch, sprayer, oh and the AXES! We arrive to your location an hour early to get parked and set up. We make sure everything is in working order and good to go.

How do you run an event?

Our Axe Master will make sure all throwers have signed the waiver, then present the safety instructions to your group, either together or as they come up to throw. Then we throw!  We have a variety of games although we start with the traditional target and bullseye.

How long does it take for you to clear out after an event?

At the end of your event, we will close up shop, gather the cornhole and bags, and load everything back into the truck. We will check in with you before we leave. Average time is about a half hour.

Is Axe Throwing Safe?

Safety is our #1 priority. With our state of the art anti-bounce board system we are able to virtually eliminate the risk of bounce backs. As long as you follow the safety rules and regulations, you will not only feel safe, you will have a blast!

Do I need to bring or wear anything special?

Glad you asked!  All throwers must wear closed toe shoes. No high heels, sandals, flip flops etc., will be allowed in the throwing area.  We will have freshly sanitized shoes to borrow if you need them.  We will have all the axes and equipment you will need for the event, also.

What is the minimum age to throw axes?

We take safety very seriously and want to make sure everyone understands about handling an axe safely. We also pride ourselves in our excellent insurance coverage (which frowns on young children with access to axes). With this in mind, anyone over 18 may play with a signed waiver and a valid photo ID. Anyone 12-17 may play with a parent or legal guardian onsite and present throughout the event with a signed waiver and valid photo ID.

What happens if it rains during our event?

The Caveman Axe Throwing trailer is equipped with covered throwing lanes. While it may be raining outside, it will remain dry inside. If the weather gets too bad, we will happily reschedule your event.